My awesome new logo by @kyoffie😎 I can also just use the overall version for signs at events with kids.

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@SexyCyborg I really like it, amazing design and shows both public sides of you and the backpack is there.

@qdot ohh, looks like I'm getting one of these to review:

Can you think of any good ways to hook it up to a twitch stream for the cosplay/chat girls? Bid for boob poking?

@qdot Ah, I have no idea of Twitch rules- does not work in China and I've never livestreamed here. Guess I'll have to do more research. Just thought it would be fun to have an OSH solution before someone went proprietary and changed them 50% for the privilege😕

@qdot the online sex workers I've spoken to are nice ladies, interested in tech and very hardworking- but they lose a lot of their income to lack of good FOSS solutions for their trade. So it would be fun to give them something😊

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