This is an OEM/ODM promotional booklet I picked up at Huaqiangbei, I cut the pages out and scanned it, thought some of you might be curious?

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@SexyCyborg that's really interesting! I guess it's all B2B (business to business)?

@bdenh Anyone can place an order. Smaller quantities can be bought as samples in the markets.

@SexyCyborg Something I haven't been able to sort out: what quantities are necessary for OEM purchasing? Hundreds? Thousands?

@griffey MOQ totally depends on the factory. But something like custom flashed Libraryboxes? A couple hundred probably.

@SexyCyborg very cool thanks for sharing! got one of those KTV bluetooth mic/speaker things and a usb fan with persistence of vision from @obra in his last box of stuff! :)

@fbz @SexyCyborg You should have seen the KTV mic I _wanted_ to send. It was much nicer. (And 65 RMB instead of 35 ;) Sadly, the vendor wasn't able to get stock when she promised and we had to back down to something simpler.

I really need to do the writeup for the second box of crap. There are some fun stories

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