Don't have a new build yet, but have been having fun learning some new tools😊

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@SexyCyborg Ah, that looks fun and useful. We're trying to build a workshop here, so now I've got one more tool to add to the list of stuff I want. I'll probably end up with a room full of abstract aluminum art though. 😅

@sexycyborg wall of text incoming because mastodon doesn't do newlines: the purpose of center drills is to start holes at a precise location (for instance, you need to drill a hole pattern to mount something and need them to match the part to be mounted - a motor, for instance);

in general the process goes like this:
* measure, mark spots for the holes with a scriber (clickspring shows how you can make a simple one from a sewing needle ad a bit of brass);
* use a center punch to make a small crater where the hole will be;
* use a center drill to start the hole;
* finally, use one or more regular drills to drill the hole and enlarge it to the dimension you need;

a regular drill will flex and can "walk" on the surface of the material before the hole gets established, leading to slightly misplaced holes; a center drill is short and very rigid, so it can't flex; btw, it's better not to screw the vise down, you need to be able to make small adjustments for the hole position; also, watch out when drilling thin stuff, do it too aggressively and the drill will become a screw, pull the part from the vise and become the spinning blade of death :P

P.S. cute drill press, electronically adjustable speed definitely beats changing belts :)
@sexycyborg ooh, looks like they fix things in mastodon sometimes... one more thing, re. safety: you don't want long sleeves and gloves when working with spinning things, even a small drill press can hurt you if it grabs your sleeve or your glove.

Gloves _are_ useful when brazing and are needed when welding, and (thick cotton or leather) long sleeves are needed when welding because of all the UV light and flying pieces of molten metal, and face shields are recommended when using an angle grinder, but I guess you'll read up on those when you get there (you seem to be pretty cautious anyway, your common sense should keep you safe) :)
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