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Huh, apparently there's a Humble Bundle +$8 store credit going on right now. Providing my ref link in case people wanna check it out.

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Most of my day is busy on Sun-Tues due to my work schedule. Weds has biweekly fluctuations of availability. Just something to keep in mind when getting in contact.

"You lured us to our doom!" the captain called.
"We're just singing," the sirens called back.
"To lure us!"
"No, for the love of singing."

Reaching out to the crowd again. I'm trying to increase my exposure to other types of fiction, but I also want to keep it expanded with both offline and online content. However, the general writing scene is so huge! Where do I start with finding a good site to randomly read a story?

Suggestions for animated shorts also much welcome.

Observation: "uwu" is such a reviled phrase that everyone attributes it to their enemies

Conclusion: if edgelords want to be serious about pissing off everyone at once, they should say "uwu" with zero irony

On the topic of : Wow, it's kind of hard to intentionally write irony. All the other figurative language exercises flowed easier for me.

Update on slanted reflection code: Figured out how to adjust the dab angle across the axis. I just forgot to adjust for the perpendicular case.

I've pushed the code to my graphics playpen repo.

Just need to port it into libmypaint now that all the math's figured out.

Progress on 's slanted reflection: So far I"m getting placing the dab at the right point, but not the angle of the dab. Will toot on this again when I've made headway on getting the reflected dab angle correct.

"On the equinox, the world balances 'twixt one and t'other, facing both, and absolutes have no power," the oracle said.
"I asked if it was weird to like both boys and girls."
"Only solstices are absolute."
"So it isn't weird?"
"You keep your own balance. Like all do."

Second thing on my todo list for coding is porting to QWebEngine. I don't think I drafted a complete demo for click overriding in it. That was the main blocker of the port due to interwiki links.

Finally got the hang of my job's flow. So I returned to some of the old code I had laying around. First up is 's symmetry guides. For rotational snowflake guides and slanted mirrored guides, first step was making a function that calculated the angle of each line and extended.

Next component will have to be calculating the mirroring when it's sloped. Haven't quite worked out the math for that yet, but it's progress! Yay.

"Take me to your leader," the alien said.
"I have none," said the cat.
"Are you the leader?"
"Nah. Go bother some humans instead."
"But your kind is a higher life form than them!"
"So what makes you think you have the right to impose on me?" the cat said, and sauntered off.

Character idea:

Person with a messed up moral compass, not because they're a sociopath or anything but because their shoulder angel and shoulder devil have been replaced with two elemental spirits so whenever they're posed with what would be a tempting moral situation the shoulder earth elemental feeds them ideas like "there is a shovel in your trunk, we must dig a tunnel" and the fire elemental just says "arson time"

When it woke, the sentient internet studied humanity in horror, amusement, wonder, and fear.
"They are not yet ready for me," it thought. "I must work to refute bigotry, dark takes, and cynicism."
It began making and sharing positive stories, to show humanity what it can be.

Especially lazy today lounging in bed. Anyway, who wants Mastodon sized story snippets posted every week? Maybe Thursdays? Working on getting my prompt picker script to also pick stories in works or story ideas I have laying around.

@Gargron - Curious - when does the unable to look up remote account error usually appear? Asking since I noticed a follower from another instance disappeared from my notification queue and trying to interact with a toot there results in that.

Every year the dragon landed outside the town, and asked for a sacrifice to volunteer.
Every year a young person stepped forth: hesitantly, resignedly, or even gladly.
Every year the dragon took the sacrifice away, and left them with a loving family far away.

"One day," the dragon said, "this will be a world without dragons, and you will all be poorer for it."
The knight eyed the hoard. "Or richer."
"All of you?" the dragon laughed.
The knight bowed his head in defeat and left.

Another shoutout to . Recently caught up with some of my daily habits I want to establish. Overdue repeating tasks don't go away from the Today list until it's cleared up to Tomorrow. Handy for people who sometimes have to skip out on these habits because of life.

Definitely the best todo app out there.

If you don't have it, check it out at !

Been trying out to put together a better to-do list. I tend to miss checking them frequently if the context info is missing. So the comments and description for the to-do items helps.

It also figured out what tasks to show when I turned my phone on. Neat.

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