It's not the most exciting thing, but, here's a more thorough test of the slanted line reflection code I've been working on for . A mix of work and IRL swamped me from attending to such. Looks like it's error free now, so you guys can have a gif.

Top half of gif is vim editing the code that draws the reflections.

Bottom half of gif is the actual reflection demo.

Update on slanted reflection code: Figured out how to adjust the dab angle across the axis. I just forgot to adjust for the perpendicular case.

I've pushed the code to my graphics playpen repo.

Just need to port it into libmypaint now that all the math's figured out.

Progress on 's slanted reflection: So far I"m getting placing the dab at the right point, but not the angle of the dab. Will toot on this again when I've made headway on getting the reflected dab angle correct.

Finally got the hang of my job's flow. So I returned to some of the old code I had laying around. First up is 's symmetry guides. For rotational snowflake guides and slanted mirrored guides, first step was making a function that calculated the angle of each line and extended.

Next component will have to be calculating the mirroring when it's sloped. Haven't quite worked out the math for that yet, but it's progress! Yay.


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