That they can still make my jaw drop is itself kind of jaw-dropping.

"Comcast is an aggressive political player in Washington — the company belongs to Broadband for America, an industry group that submitted more than 1.5 million fake comments, impersonating individuals, to the FCC opposing net neutrality rules protecting internet users. Buzzfeed called it 'the most prolific known instance of political impersonation in U.S. history.'"

As a P.S. to the whole "towns named Fucking and Petting relatively near to each other exist": Someone came up with this route adding two more towns...

@kylebronsdon - Sheesh, never thought it could do all of that at once. Can share RPi server setup guide?

@kylebronsdon - Oh sweet! I'll check out their free content then. Also, curious, what model Pi?

Looks like that to get my ProcessWire install set up fully on the fediverse, will need do following:

* Setup Webmentions
* Edit templates for micro formats
* Test microformats with Bridgy's preview tool
* Setup an RSS feed and WebSub
* Try interacting with the ProcessWire site by viewing it in Mastodon

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Did some more digging abouts webmentions and found . So there's this for the ( ) and this for the nonfediverse sites ( ).

😭 On microsoft's hostile practices 😭,, blocking disroot emails.
Read more at:

If you think that working at Google is prestige and only best get a job there.

Look how this particular repository is organized.

Yes, that's literally an archive of every gradle version packed in ZIP archive... in Git repository.

@kylebronsdon - I can't read the entire thing, but it's interesting nonetheless. Can give rundown of source article?

Just learned about webmentions today when I was thinking about how to get my ProcessWire site talking with the fediverse. Not sure how it works, so will need to test it on my free time.

Before I hit the hay, gonna mass migrate my art from ArtFlow into for . That way I can easily pick up what I was doing on my desktop should I need to.

Current route is exporting everything into PSD, then importing them into Krita and saving them as KRAs.

Couldn't find the config option, so decided instead to just upload my art through the webdav interface to avoid problem in future.

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Okay, I feel like a bit of a dumbo. I mounted the storage for hubzilla over webdav and placed a test image there. Then overwrote it. It was at the same UUID when I did that. Wonder why my uploads on hubzilla then don't prompt for overwrite then. -digs through config-

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Right now, I've currently set aside a install for my worldbuilding fancies. No dedicated art gallery yet though. I could theoretically put my longform art + description stuff there, but it won't communicate back to the fediverse unless I go "toot toot" away.

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- So, something I was thinking of while I was updating my art vault Hubzilla with those bust shot - it's uh... Actually a lot harder to keep a consistent filename when I need to fix some errors on art that I only notice after uploading on Hubzilla. And needing to repost the description too.

For bigger art galleries, what do other fediverse folks use? Homebrewed site? (ala static sites, Processwire, etc) Pixelfed? Friendica? (reply has more info)

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