Hi everyone. Trying to reclaim some of my life back from schedule-itus and various emotional difficulties. I don't have anything worked out for my long work weeks yet. But the short work weeks offered viable time to work on programming affairs. So, set my schedule to support such.

Right now I'm combing my AUR account to see what packages...

* Need their sources updated
* Should be orphaned due to high maintenance upkeep
* Should be updated

See write.as/l15zfw3838y89q0c.md for more information.

Just updated my profile to link back to here. Life's been pretty rough, mentally speaking.

If you're looking to adopt or co-maintain a package posted by me, shoot me an email or a toot about it here too. GMail situation is still kind of awkward.

That awkward moment when you find out belatedly your email client isn't supported by Google anymore.

No wonder I couldn't get updated when people sent me those @_@;.

@Wolf480pl - I'd probably get do separate rolls to help facilitate descriptions.

Most of my reading time's been on the mechanics side of GMing. ^^;

@Wolf480pl - Contested ability checks, mainly. ((PC rolls for their character's attempt to dodge VS NPC's attempt to grapple, for example))

@Wolf480pl - Ooooh, okay. So that's how I should run the game if doing player facing mechanics, but both are rolling at the same time. That definitely helps clear up the confusion.

@Wolf480pl - Gotcha. I think I have the interaction part covered then.

I haven't considered hidden rolls yet for player-side interactions. Some people I play with love tailoring their sheets mechanically.

GM-side hidden rolls I'm familiar with due to having a bot handle rolls (for NPCs and lore decisions) over a private channel.

@Wolf480pl - Voice chat is something I'm still working on. Though I have explored options for handling exposed dice and maps such as:

- Dice bot over discord:: Worked except for the part where I left a lot of subroutines on the bot I extended. Makes hard to xfer across groups.

- Rolisteam:: Love the dice parser. Haven't tried using this to set up shared map data.

- mipui:: Love the easy editing, but not as much setting up player view.

What software do you use for the voice chat portion?

Y'know, it just belatedly occurred to me. It's hard to have group activities on the internet aside from...

- Pushing/Pulling code from a VCS
- IMing people 1 on 1 or in groups
- Various site-specific accounts for activities that need special sites, some of which include forums, social networks, etc

What kinds of things do people do to spend time better w/o much face to face time available?

One of the main problems with the third one is having to privacy check the ToS on all the sites.

I found a neat piece of software called speedpad. Links for it are here:

Website:: feurix.org/projects/speedpad/
Code mirror:: github.com/feurix/speedpad

Added compatibility to it while I was playing with it. It's pretty decent. Handles multiline input well and gives stats on the most common typos one makes. I'm going to email my changes to the developer to see where I should submit this.

It's not the most exciting thing, but, here's a more thorough test of the slanted line reflection code I've been working on for . A mix of work and IRL swamped me from attending to such. Looks like it's error free now, so you guys can have a gif.

Top half of gif is vim editing the code that draws the reflections.

Bottom half of gif is the actual reflection demo.

So I bought a few books from StoryBundle.com and am quite pleased with what I'm reading so far. I still haven't finished all of it, but they definitely vetted the contents for quality. Go check it out if you want a good pile of DRM-free ebooks to read.

Decided to move blog over to write.as . It's not as snazzy, but, it's more streamlined and accessible from my phone. It's clickable as a field on my profile instead of a pinned toot now.


Man, it took me forever to remember why captivated me so as a kid. Its lore was pretty dark, yet it always had color and very strong tinges of hope that doing the right thing can make a difference.

"You lured us to our doom!" the captain called.
"We're just singing," the sirens called back.
"To lure us!"
"No, for the love of singing."

Reaching out to the crowd again. I'm trying to increase my exposure to other types of fiction, but I also want to keep it expanded with both offline and online content. However, the general writing scene is so huge! Where do I start with finding a good site to randomly read a story?

Suggestions for animated shorts also much welcome.

Observation: "uwu" is such a reviled phrase that everyone attributes it to their enemies

Conclusion: if edgelords want to be serious about pissing off everyone at once, they should say "uwu" with zero irony

On the topic of : Wow, it's kind of hard to intentionally write irony. All the other figurative language exercises flowed easier for me.

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