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So, Android Nougat is definitely an upgrade over Marshmallow. Inline replies everywhere helps maintain multiple convos at once.

A week in of using the new netbook and it's still running pretty solid. Also got the SD card for extra storage and filled that up with some books and a mapmaking kit.

I also learned an important quirk about UEFI machines. Apparently the first entry in the firmware... isn't always the first entry. O_o Like, seriously. I only found that out when I peeked into there with some EFI tools.

Kinda surprised that this laptop lasts me the entire day.

Finally got a decent laptop just for coding when stuck at work. It's got everything I need for such except for... extra storage space. ...I probably need to get an SD card over the weekend, but ah well. Got plenty of space anyhow.

Terminal being used for the dropdown is kitty with a tmux session managing the shells.

"While Twitter had earlier told TechCrunch that it would be “winding down” Smyte’s business with existing clients, what that apparently meant was that it was going to announce the acquisition, then effectively shut off the lights over at Smyte and leave everyone in the lurch."

And I fixed it. Turns out there's no way to override equivalency comparisons for sets in JavaScript, along with the fact that it refers to objects by object ref.

ODIN (lines)
Work is coming along with this image.
Made live at:

Great news - I made a room generator similar to how Etrian Odessy fills it's rooms. I'm quite happy with how organic the rooms look.

Bad news - Well, porting the room generator to JavaScript (so it can actually take user input) did not go as anticipated. Didn't expect the JavaScript Set object to be rather finicky. I'll probably need to get that looked at tomorrow.

thanks for 100+ followers already! the community here is so nice! here's a little giveaway to show my thanks ☆(・ω・*)b

🔸 follow me here @elliemars and
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that simple! I'll pick 2 winners let's say... next Friday, June 22nd, at 6pm CST. new followers are also welcome of course! good luck!💚
#mastoart #giveaway #art

Note to self: Remember to make key in laptop virtual machine to allow to push to . Just looked up how to add multiple SSH keys to the config.

> That moment when you try out the communities feature on / and don't know how to delete an accidentally made community.

> I swear I was experimenting @_@.

Finally finished pointing the -reloaded URLs in the to the sources hosted on Gitlab last night.

Thumbing through a few of my own repositories on GitLab and re-setting up mirroring for them. @_@; I should've done this ages ago.

All right, finished pushing the *- git suffixed packages to the AUR for compiz. Off to roll off into bed for tonight guys.

Pushing out -reloaded PKGBUILD migrations to now. I'm starting with the *-git ones first.

Commissions are open, friends!
🔸 Payment is upfront via Paypal only.
🔸 You can get in contact with me through DM or email at if you're interested.
🔸 Commissions are open indefinitely. If I do not have an open slot at the time, I will be happy to reserve the next open one for you.

✅ can do: non-explicit NSFW/casual nudity, blood/gore/guro, humanoid/monster characters, OCs and fanart
❌ no can do: furry/anthro, bara, mecha/industrial design
#commissionme #mastoart #art #ocs

Hrm, I think I broke the crossposter. I guess I'll write my question to Greg Stolze with Twitter directly?

Got the PKGBUILDs for -Reloaded 's migration to GitLab done. Will push those tomorrow. Off to finish the night with some Cultist Simulator and roleplay. I like how GitLab generates sane tarball names that include the project name.

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