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Another shoutout to . Recently caught up with some of my daily habits I want to establish. Overdue repeating tasks don't go away from the Today list until it's cleared up to Tomorrow. Handy for people who sometimes have to skip out on these habits because of life.

Definitely the best todo app out there.

If you don't have it, check it out at !

Been trying out to put together a better to-do list. I tend to miss checking them frequently if the context info is missing. So the comments and description for the to-do items helps.

It also figured out what tasks to show when I turned my phone on. Neat.

- Gotta love it when you import some characters you thought you wouldn't use ever again, read over old notes for a barely touched setting, and then suddenly realize these were exactly the characters you needed to fill the gaps.

- Sometimes I see CWs with mentions before the spoiler while I'm reading threads in Subway Tooter. When I do so on a toot I write, it doesn't link the mention. How do I get it to still link to tags and mentions before the CW?

@Gargron When reading a long CWed thread in the web interface, a “show all” button near the top might be helpful. It could save folks a lot of time, and reduce a lot of need for clicking to tapping. Not everyone finds applying fine motor control fun or easy!

On blanket revealing and consent: one might consider that a user has consented to view after reading the thread starter post. Further, if the CN warning text changes further down a thread, further consent should probably be sought for that

- Also, status update on how organizing my writing and worldbuilding stuff is going. It's incredibly handy to be able to autocheck how many characters I have.

...This also lead me to realize why I'm having trouble managing all of them. -facecups- I have 100+ of them, but I usually focus on a select few that are major characters. @_@

Buuuh. I'll check with the support group on Google+ to see how I should model character in story relationships.

- So, picked up Folklore again after I got a value pack of sixaxis controllers. I really, really love the way it flows. Still can't get a good hold of the side to side Id pulling though. I forgot how much I missed this game.

Another one from sketchbook on the iPad. (Pretty similar in composition to the last one but hey what can I say. Left facing cute girls) I did put a bit more effort into this one. A very small bit. It’s my Stardew Valley farmer, Red! I’ve got a video of this one for you guys later, too.
#mastoart #stardewvalley

- So, curious question.I have a bunch of writing snippets that I want to share. But some of it is a bit niche in nature (like, the super dark kind of niche). I know I'd probably put a content warning on it. Just not sure if I should make a separate account on it.

Hello folks! If you're enjoying my art, guess what? You can get even more of it at my Patreon! Some of the things I offer for as little as $1/month:

🔸 speed paints/process gifs
🔸 tutorials and how-tos
🔸 progress of WIPs
🔸 taking sketch requests

There are also art rewards at the $5 and $10+ tiers! Please check it out and consider supporting a struggling artist about to go back to school!
#mastoart #patreon #artist #tutorial
✨ ✨ ✨
✨ ✨ ✨

Huh, apparently there's a Humble Bundle +$8 store credit going on right now. Providing my ref link in case people wanna check it out.

Day 5 of editing my worldbuilding notes in Leo.

Holy crap my notes were disorganized. Why are my timeline and species anatomy notes in the same file?

At least that's taken care of.

Next step is to start batch importing my stories and giving all the scenes appropriate names.

Beat Tears to Tiara 2? Check.

Establish good story writing habits? Not checked, but I'm working on it.

I just discovered Leo Editor and its clone node capabilities. @_@ I can finally organize my characters and stories the way I want to without wading through a nest of folders to find info on ONE character only.

I'm pretty sure that I've got everything on my netbook for coding, but I'm not sure which project I should pick up again to continue development (like, work that isn't maintenance). What options do people use here for polls?

> Spend time homebrewing for ORE

> Spend time homebrewing for DnD 5e

> Mind starts breaking from how hard it is to homebrew for DnD 5e compared to ORE

> Go back to homebrewing for ORE because it's easier to create reusable mechanics

> It's almost like coding, except for TTRPGs

> It'd be kind of interesting to use the Sigil System RPG's way of coding magical spells too since the descriptions are very freeform despite the solid rules

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