Wanna hear what about 3 years of my life sounds like? A exclusive! licensed, free to stream from my pod, free flac download at kylebronsdon.com/buy/separatio

Any boosts would encourage me (and other artists, I'm sure) to do this release model in the future 🙏



Been reading some articles from the Journal of Design and Science while getting out of the blues. Here's one that stood out to me (how reductionism is preventing researchers from fully understanding data gathered on living systems).

Hi everyone. Trying to reclaim some of my life back from schedule-itus and various emotional difficulties. I don't have anything worked out for my long work weeks yet. But the short work weeks offered viable time to work on programming affairs. So, set my schedule to support such.

Right now I'm combing my AUR account to see what packages...

* Need their sources updated
* Should be orphaned due to high maintenance upkeep
* Should be updated

See write.as/l15zfw3838y89q0c.md for more information.

Just updated my profile to link back to here. Life's been pretty rough, mentally speaking.

If you're looking to adopt or co-maintain a package posted by me, shoot me an email or a toot about it here too. GMail situation is still kind of awkward.

That awkward moment when you find out belatedly your email client isn't supported by Google anymore.

No wonder I couldn't get updated when people sent me those @_@;.

Y'know, it just belatedly occurred to me. It's hard to have group activities on the internet aside from...

- Pushing/Pulling code from a VCS
- IMing people 1 on 1 or in groups
- Various site-specific accounts for activities that need special sites, some of which include forums, social networks, etc

What kinds of things do people do to spend time better w/o much face to face time available?

One of the main problems with the third one is having to privacy check the ToS on all the sites.

I found a neat piece of software called speedpad. Links for it are here:

Website:: feurix.org/projects/speedpad/
Code mirror:: github.com/feurix/speedpad

Added compatibility to it while I was playing with it. It's pretty decent. Handles multiline input well and gives stats on the most common typos one makes. I'm going to email my changes to the developer to see where I should submit this.

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