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@Deepsealioness I am Shalini, a one-song old playback singer, and independent musician. Tamil speaking atheist. I mostly post song clips(covers), music and movie related comments and occasional political opinions. Would love a boost. 😊

போஸ்ட் போட்டா #boost பண்ண கூட இங்க யாரும் இல்ல..!

அடேய் கொய்யாங்கோ #TamilMastodon 😏😏😂😂

I've been asking people around me what is holding them from using Mastodon (even after some of them joined), and I got 4 reasons:

1) Not many people here
2) Can't find people here even if they're here
3) It looks very complicated, especially the instances thing
4) Doesn't seem too different from Birdsite so why bother

For people to adopt this platform, these four points need to be addressed. And that too in ultra-simple non-nerdy language.

Nobody asks these questions that really matter to humanity .... Do you have experience in forgiving people ??

By the way, those that are enjoying the bluetick freebie by registering via mstdn.Social ... looks like the blue ticks are not visible on Amaroq client. .. just shows up as ‘:verified:’ beside display name.

‪காலை வணக்கம் மக்கள்ஸ் Goodmorning tooters 😁

That One Instance 

Ok. So people have figured out that one Fascist, hate speech, pro-hindutuva, Sanghi instance which I warned about in my welcome post.

This instance was in operation even before the twitter migration happened. Like from 2018. I have been closely watching the posts and conversation there and that is why I warned about a particular instance.

They are free to self-host their instance, but I have zero tolerance towards their religious fundamentalist and fascist views.

So again, we have option to mute, block and ignore them if your tolerance level has reached a particular threshold.

And always remember the [Paradox of Tolerance](

நடிகர் சூர்யாவின் ‘சூரரைப் போற்று’ திரைப்படத்தின் ஃபர்ஸ்ட் லுக் போஸ்டர்

#SooraraiPottruFirstLook #Suriya #TamilMastodon

Water shortage would be so severe in coming years that it may paralyze our as well as our domestic consumption and no one seems serious,

No wonder elections would fought on water issue in in Indian future

I am usually not very outspoken when it comes to political opinions. Because honestly I am not good at handling confrontations. But everytime I do express any strong political stand, the backlash has been swift and ruthless from the other side. Glad there is a safe space where you can express yourself without fear of being attacked personally.

is making Sanghis so nervous that they are tweeting Amit Shah their orders now.

How to . Various Options to Toot. Love this options!!!

1. Public Toot: Posts to your public timeline

2. Unlisted Toot: Kind of private toot for your eyes only

3. Followers only Toot. Self explanatory. Toot will be visible to your followers only

4. Direct Toot: This is DM. Sent as a Toot only. Handles mentioned in the toot will get the msg as a DM.

Controls as shown in attached screenshot

Boost CC: @Deepsealioness @ikaveri @Shudraism @musafir

We are getting asked about "verified accounts" quite often recently, so lets try to clear this up: There are no verified accounts on Mastodon like there are on Twitter. Some Mastodon instances have a custom emoji that looks like the verified icon on Twitter and people put that in their display name, probably because it looks fancy. It does not mean anything though.

I'm trying to keep track of the mass migrations to Mastodon that have happened.

I think it started with:
- early adopters, programmers, FOSS people
- tons of peeps in Japan
- furry community moving off Twitter
- LGBTQ+ folks leaving twitter
- people who saw that polygon article (me) or heard about it when it started getting mentioned on hackernews
- comics/artists leaving twitter
- NSFW blogs leaving Tumblr
- sex workers
- and now, Indian politics Twitter users

Am I missing any big moments?

I’m here to follow anti-caste discourse. I am from Chennai, grew up in the UK and now have lived in US over 30 years.
Please boost @Deepsealioness @h_tejas thank you!

ப்ரௌசர், டூடில் இரண்டும் வரக்அவுட் ஆகல.. இப்ப அமராக் இன்ஸடால் பண்ணிருக்கேன்.. பாப்போம்.

தமிழ் சந்துலக மக்கள்.. #TamilMastodon என்ற டேக் யூஸ் பண்ணி அதிகம் டூட் இடவும்.. கண்டுப்பிடித்து Follow செய்ய வசதியாக இருக்கும்.. 😇

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