Interesting. I was surprised not to find the working definition I use listed among the main categories. I view mathematics as abstract magic - the art of those things unseen which can be manipulated and used as real providing only they are named, and thus invoked, precisely enough; their discovery or creation, naming, and manipulation.

(Of which, in the typical manner of magic, there are entire worlds. Each of which plays by its own very peculiar rules.)

@feonixrift @aral

: μάθημα (máthema) τικὴ (tikḗ, tékhnē)
is "the art of teaching" and "the art of learning".

It studies the structure of the constructs of the human minds that can be comunicated through language.

That's why we find so much math in , because Science is our attempt to force our perception of reality into such structure.
It's not science until we can describe it with math, moving it from one person mind to the humanity culture.


@Shamar @I disagree with that. It can be science without using math. It's just that scientific principles are easiest to express in a language designed for it. Karl Popper, who wrote the book on the scientific method, didn't write it in maths. He wrote it in philosophy.

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