In a parallel universe where Ubuntu hadn't provided the "install alongside Windows" option (which it did about 10 years ago), I'd be writing enterprise Java on a Windows 10 machine, blissfully unaware of the existence of free software and believing that privacy is dead if Mark Zuckerberg says so.


Dear #purists and #absolutists,

It's great to be clean and pure yourself, but sometimes you have step into the mud to pull out others who are stuck in it.

#windows #ubuntu #privacy #freesoftware


Honestly I think you are missing two important facts in your reasoning here:

1. Dual boot was possible far far before Ubuntu was a thing
2. Free Software is about freedom.

Freedom also means being free to use (and even develop!) closed source code but choosing not to do so.

Preventing others to use closed source is not free software purism. It's open source marketing.

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