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Pretty interest perspective.

In Italy we have the concept of "omertà", a code of silence spread through fear, that criminal organizations like Mafia, 'Ndrangeta and Camorra uses to protect their affairs.

In some cases, people were killed in daylight in the middle of a square and "nobody saw anything".

"Mind your business" doesn't scale: it let people pollute the world without being blamed, it let bribery spread, violence stay unpunished and so on...

It is your businees.

@Shamar @Robby @rachelmack The problem comes when cops pretty much ARE the mafia, as they have become in the USA many places: an armed occupation by outside thugs who brutalize the people they should protect.

And of course you are correct that omertá is bad. In the USA some city people say, “snitches lay in ditches”, a threat of murder to any who report.

But in a country where cops are as likely to kill any reporter, there is no easy answer.

@Shamar @Robby @rachelmack

"silence spread through fear" Same as the "chilling effect" where mass surveillance in the US discourages people from discussing or researching interesting topics.

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