"Free Software should empower everyone. As such, correcting the biases, conscious or not, that have led to the poor #diversity of our communities, must be part of our mission."
Oh yes! πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

@Shamar I dunno. The whole thing about users controlling their software, is users in control. Users are empowered.

"judge people by their skills, not race/gender" is part of the hacker spirit for decades.

So yes, IMO it all fits together.

@Shamar @ebel I fully agree with you.
Just concerning @esr , I do not think he is that interested in judging people (as humans) in open source communities.
I may be wrong...

@cedricbonhomme @ebel @esr

Yet you have to have the balls to say so.

I would have such balls. Because it makes clear you are responsible to that decision because of your arbitrary decision.

Judging people "by code alone" means someone have the right to judge them. Nobody has. The leaders of a community have the rights to ban anybody or to refuse any patch. They should explain why they do so, but it's not a judgement on the person.
And it's always an invite to fork.

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