I'm afraid that #solarpunk is too western, white and focused on fiction to make a change. People prefer fetishizing #burningman aesthetics to noticing the real changemakers around the world.

Have you heard about globalinnovationgathering.org ? Its a network of hackers from Africa, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. They do things some solarpunk writers only imagine, but there is little interest in that in the West.

Why not start #SolarpunkReporting ?

@alxd i understand where youre coming from, but there's some incredible folks putting up great resistance. i recommend checking out some stuff on ssb.

gig looks incredible tho. their values/objectives pages are on point. I'm so happy to see this


Being new on mastodon - what is SSB?

Ive spoken with some #solarpunk authors around the world and Im just worried that they prefer covering their imagined worlds, not real stories like how the Iraqi hackers managed to map the radioactivity levels in Bagdhad with open hardware geiger counters.

The change is happening right now, we're just blind for it, drunk on imagination.

@alxd @tsu

I know I should know it... but what is , really?

I recently discovered I've never really understood (mainly because, in Italy, they looked mostly as a fashion movement to my eyes, and while I don't care about fashion in general, I really didn't like their aestetic).

Do you have any link to share?

@Shamar @tsu @alxd

I do: Solar Punk is a genre of Speculative Fiction that focuses on craftsmanship, community, and technology powered by renewable energy, wrapped up in a coating of Art Nouveau blended with African and Asian drawings. It envisions a free and egalitarian world with a slight bend toward social anarchism.

@Shamar @alxd

punk is dad ;)

if cyberpunk is understanding and reclaiming technology

solarpunk is a movement which aims to push those boundaries via sustainable and accessible alternatives

i recommend setting up Patchwork (ssb) and getting in on a discussion

otherwise searching around, you can start here https://solarpunkanarchists.com/2016/05/27/what-is-solarpunk/
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