Totally agree.

But as you know, I have a theory about this desperate sense of Doom that affect so many : we look at and we say " is becoming a thing!".

This is the result of years of .

There is no such thing as or : and are different things because is tied to the people who build it. Different communities with different values, cultures and rules cannot be conflated in one word.

@Shamar As Simon Phipps mentioned, the war between Free Software and Open Source is a bad framing which arose out of early personality disputes but otherwise has no real substance. If the European copyright legislation removes the ability to redistribute source code then it will not matter whether it is Free or Open.

@bob @Shamar That’s because Simon is squarely about Open Source. Open Source was a reactionary immune system response by the business community to Free Software (in its original form, limited to copyleft licenses). They could see the value in free as in free labour and the value of privatisation but they didn’t want the “share alike” aspects of Stallman’s licenses. The only thing that Open Source and Free Software have in common is that the source is open.

@bob @Shamar (cont) Otherwise, they couldn’t be more different.
Open Source cares about business. Free software/freedom technology/ethical technology cares about people.

Open source is a tool for business. Free software is a tool for individuals.


Still, the open access of OSS also benefits poor people who otherwise couldn't afford it and IMO this is the biggest boon in both models – giving access to people who would otherwise be excluded.

@bob @Shamar


True enough. I still very much respect OSS projects like FreeBSD tho and it often feels like this is more dependent on a particular projects community rather than on whether it's libre or open.

I would definitely attest that OSS is generally more likely to be hostile to its users, tho.

@aral @bob

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