Just finished running #cryptoparty lectures for schools for this year. The last one was online for homeschooled students and it's recorded on Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=lhbVt7WPvG [Polish].

All the slides are available under Creative Commons at slides.com/pawelngei/cyberzagr [Polish]

If you'd like me to translate them for you or help you prepare your own version, let me know!

I learned that putting a few (3-4) action points at the end really helps getting kids to do something about their habits.


what's the age range?

I have two hours left for my lessons at the elementary school (10yo) and I plan to explain them one time pad and enough networking to make them understand surveillance.

Do you have suggestions?

@Shamar I usually do 14-18 year olds.

For younger kids, I start with something that intrigues them - like the fact that in Poland they >can< download a movie from the Internet as long as they don't share. Once I have them hooked, I continue to "harder" topics.

I'm trying not to scare them too much, and for every threat I show them a way to deal with it. It doesn't need to be perfect - if the install Privacy Badger, they are SAFER and they shouldn't obsess about fingerprinting.

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