What I do not like in this picture is that it influences people to make two wrong assumptions: 1. to think that law is always (or most of time) protecting immoral things and
2. that things that are illegal now might become legal later (independent of morality).

There are another points that IMHO shall be clearly noted:

1. At some point even the most terrible things could be accepted by public as morally normal and fixed in the law.
2. Public morale changes, law follows.

I am an anarchist, hence my utopia is nobody in power cause everyone is educated, intelligent peace seeking individuals.

Politics is the art of getting along

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Between my 16 and 22 I believed the same.

But there is a issue in that : you just need one bad guy to turn it into a , his power would be enormous.

Any social system that assume well behaved people is doomed to either turn into a of the masses with all dissidents killed or to a tiranny of the worst.

We need a system that assumes that bad people are smart and influential but manage to keep them in line.

well that utopia is unrealistic cause of human nature. Anyways peace seeking individuals does not necessarily mean patsies. you can wrestle with bad guys. take joy in the art of disarming them. and anarchism is pure decentralization. its like bitcoin and the blockchain in order to defeat it you need control of at least half or more of the network.

lots of issues with anarchism, lots of politics. people are different.

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@qwerty @Shamar @klomb I think if we ever make it to space that kind of future could be possible. Space is big enough for any group of people can get together and make a habitat to their liking.

There's a sci-fi story I like that explores this idea

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