@strypey I have a friend who talks about this. she is a non-techie environmental activist who has been working with geeks to create open source solutions for activists to publish online. The poor user interface of a lot of free software is a major bugbear for her, and I think she has a good point. She can see the point of the politics of free software, but without usable interfaces it is going to remain a geek enclave.

@highfellow @strypey

is something you are to study, modify, use, distribute:

- it's not a moral duty, but a (which imply the freedom to chose to NOT run free software)
- you can't employ your freedom until you can't modify the software itself.

So the solution is, for sure, to welcome each and (and ), from 640x480 16 color , to and so on.

But it also mean to expand the enclave through and .

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