@aral Not just a sponsor, but a Platinum sponsor.

The thing about Google and Facebook sponsoring all the major tech and privacy-related conferences is that how likely is a speaker to be accepted if they are critical of those companies, and how much self-censorship will occur out of fear of insulting the Platinum sponsor and not being invited back again.
@Shamar @conservancy @aral A question is whether they really needed the Google sponsor money. From a 2019 software freedom perspective it seems especially inappropriate to be promoting these big tech companies.

@Shamar @bob @aral @conservancy I'm no expert on the FOSS politics, but every FOSS conference I see is sponsored by big corps (even Microsoft).

I think too many SV techbros are "caught in the monkey trap" where they literally cannot see anything other than neoliberal capitalism, especially when GAFAM provides them with what they view as secure, stable employment

Maybe like workers elsewhere continuing to work in coal mine or making cars that cheat environment regulations to stay in work..

@vfrmedia @conservancy @aral @bob @Shamar

On the FOSS politics, apart from everything already known about Google I expect that this year might be the one where they formally launch Fuchsia and begin on the road towards deprecating the Linux kernel. Fuchsia will be technically Free Software but not copyleft and the design of its architecture will be controlled by Google, allowing them greater opportunities for data exfiltration and inserting ads in a manner which can't be blocked.

@aral @conservancy @bob @vfrmedia

> will be technically
> but not
> [...] controlled by
> , [...] inserting

Sorry, @freedombone, but given who control Google, unblockable Ads are the last of my concerns: medium.com/@giacomo_59737/the-

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