Sometimes @sophia 's posts are like "The TechLead" ( videos, which are trolling with a straight face for the entire video and people fall for it.
@sophia the sad part is, sometimes this video is like my university (profs, students, bits and pieces here where I internally just go "wtf?") but without the sarcasm

@ng0 I confess I'm honoured to be compared to that guy, that's superb trolling!
I've heard so much shit over the years about 'you don't belong/cant do that'
I started getting into tech at 11, most of my disdain for the presumption of incompetence and power play of white knighting from men is absolutely from 20 years 'haha pretty girl on the internet' bullshit experience

@Shamar fuck off techbro shithead. learn to listen to women for one fucking second in your life



Actually, I have a brother and I work as a programmer, so ultimately I AM a "techbro". πŸ˜‡
You need shit to grow flowers... so you might be right over this too.

BUT, I listen .
I grow 3 daughters with a lovely wife, work with a few female collegues that I estimate and carefully listen. I can talk quite well with them and I never insult their intelligence by assuming they cannot understand what I say.

'cause, you see... you can show how smart you are by yourself!


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@Shamar @citrustwee fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffemales

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