Just learnt about studio.code.org a website for schools and kids to learn "coding".

First thing I thought was: nice!

Second: who pay for this?
Fine: it's , , and interest to have more cheap AND talented developers, so it's a reasonable move to fund such kind of charity.

Third: they won't exploit the kids tho!
They use and , 's and share links to and .


> Fine: it's #Microsoft, #Facebook, #Amazon and #Google interest to have more cheap AND talented developers

I'd suspect that cheap labor is the only reason actually.

@MatejLach @Shamar coding is thinking. they want to shape what people think is possible because it helps them control their markets. it's easiest shape the thinking of the young. labor pool is secondary to that, imo.

I think you're looking to far into that. Maybe they just want more employees.

What WE should strive for is teaching people to code open source so that we can build the infrastructure we need without having to depend on proprietary for-profit tools.

@MatejLach @Shamar

@rick_777 @MatejLach @Shamar they don't just want future employees. they want people, whether future employees or not, to think a certain way. investing into educating kids on the off chance that they'll work for your company ten years later makes limited sense. investing in convincing kids, and by extension their parents, that company X's products are the only good products makes a lot of sense.


Yeah, I think they want the cheap labor, but they don't want them to do #FLOSS, they want them to code AMP pages and use Google Analytics everywhere. People who'll load all #JavaScript libraries from Google's CDN and test exclusively in #Chrome.

To grow a generation of developers that think this IS how you develop software & that there's no alternative is a move any evil genius will envy. Honestly it reminds me of armies kidnapping the enemies children & raising them to be killers.


i was down with the analysis until the hyperbole jumped the shark there at the end

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