Fuck #firefox. You are terrible. I just went to youtube and next to the #pocket service I don't want you show me an advertisement for a plugin? IN THE URL BAR! My god you suck.

I want a web browser not an advertising platform.

@sillystring lynx ? The whole internet has become an advertising platform and ff is probably the least painful browser.


By default #firefox sticks sponsored ads in your new tab page.

They now have a new form of popup (IMHO) that's suggesting addons.

I agree with you about the whole Internet but I don't want my browser trying to sell me shit too. Particularly an open source one supported with community money. It's gross.

@sillystring yep.... you can look at epic and brave... they should not be spying on you... vivaldi may be an option but it is all too " gee wizz- look how great we are " for my taste ( and thus suspect to be trying to hard to attrach "that" sort of user). At least Mozilla is up front., unlike that google spyware called Chrome...

@Shamar @whonose123 @sillystring Or if you're on a Linux- (or BSD-) based system there's a range of other browsers I can recommend.

Unfortunately Mac and Windows lack the technical and social infrastructure for us to easily keep our browsers secure and up to date there.

@alcinnz @whonose123 @sillystring

Which ones?
(Hoping you can suggest something I haven't tried yet)

@Shamar @whonose123 @sillystring There's QtBrowser, GNOME Web, Midori, my own Odysseus, and I've seen others.

The former's based on Chrome's Blink engine and the rest on Safari's WebKit.

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