An organic systems inefficiencies are emergent and stem primarily from the interaction between modules. Not the modules themselves.

The cat strategy is to simplify interfaces and reduce interaction.

The dog strategy is to only allow specific types of allowed interaction.

@Shamar @vgr the desire to eliminate weaknesses is probably what prevents systemic coherence from emerging in both body and software.

Not understanding that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and “you are only as weak as the weakest link” are 2 sides to the same coin!

Accepting mediocrity is the Do No Harm, Don’t Be Evil that allows life to do its thing.

@aRandomCat @vgr

You are right that complexity and potential weakness are two sides of the same coin.

But this has nothing to do with accepting mediocrity.

Accepting mediocrity is (and has always been) an evolutionary threat. You just need few organized outliers far enough from the happy low average to exterminate or subdue such majority.

Which is what some riches are doing right now, actually, with the majority accepting its own happily supporting their enterprise.

@Shamar @aRandomCat hmm I'm not sure of that. Mediocrity is way more lindy than people give it credit for. Outliers can swing things to an extreme for a while, but then it regresses to the mean

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