It’s difficult to exaggerate the damage that has been caused to the original vision of the web through the commercialisation of domain names. Imposing artificial scarcity and the complexity of commerce systems on a fundamental identifier makes it orders of magnitude harder to self host. Domain names should be a public good. We should embrace in the EU and mandate that all browser vendors implement support and get Let’s Encrypt to provide TLS support.


@aral Under what legal theory can a liberal government micromanage all browser vendors?

@freakazoid @aral under the same theory that allows them to micromanage the ingredients in food, or medication, or.... regulation is common

@walruslifestyle @aral Food safety is explicitly included as a regulatable category. So far software has been relatively untouched.

And we're not just talking about commercial entities here, but open source developers as well.

Food safety laws have been used to squash independent food production fairly effectively. The same will happen with open source once we start regulating software.

@freakazoid @aral the majority of web users use Chrome, from Google, or Firefox, from Mozilla which takes large corporate donations. literally what's being proposed is regulating these large corporate entities to stop them from leveraging their power to wrest money from individuals. exactly what regulation is intended to do. I fail to see the issue, nor the novelty, in this aside from being astounded that it hasn't happened sooner given the level of harm caused

@Shamar @freakazoid @aral well it's cool you come out the gate calling me naive when you know nothing about my background, but I can tell you firsthand that large companies do indeed respond to regulation, and regulations can be crafted to minimize impact on small players and exclude individuals. you realize these are laws and can be written in a variety of ways.

@Shamar @freakazoid @aral large tech companies have spent decades trying to convince anyone who would listen that government is bad, regulation is bad, computing should be free, etc etc. with backing from industry lobbying groups like the EFF. today we see what happens when a unfettered unregulated industry gains outsize power. the equivalent of robber barons

@walruslifestyle @freakazoid @aral

Meanwhile they lobby all Governments around the world... except their own.

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