tactics must shift with the times. "free software" was a valuable resistance against the commercialization of software as it existed at the time and produced many useful and valuable projects, but now it is simply used as a method of wage evasion for some of the most profitable entities that have ever existed in human history

@garbados @dankwraith I think it's critical to recall that open source =/= free software. This is a big reason I license most of my stuff AGPL. Yes, the code is out there for Amazon/Google/Facebook to see, but their own corporate policies require that they don't use it, and if they do, they have to give me back all their improvements.

Don't use permissive licenses and this ceases to be a problem.


Apart from their own policy issue, which I agree with you on, there’s nothing in the agpl which requires them to give you their improvements, except in the particular case of making it available to others over a network.

If they use it wholly internally, they don’t have to release anything.

As you say, it’s important not to use permissive licences, but we need to be realistic about the benefits of restrictive licences.

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Is it possible to have both in a license? A permissive but restrictive (opting for public good over silo-consolidated gain?)

@jalcine @dgold @tindall there’s the CSL (cooperative software license) that @dankwraith linked the other day (can’t find a link right now, my apartment lacks internet) which seemed interesting: iirc it scopes commercial use to worker coops, not-for-profits, and another exception i can’t recall. i’ve only read partway through the license atm, would be interested in your thoughts :)


Ooooooh, thank you very much, I missed that during the week.

I’m excited to go have a look at it.

I previously found the copyfarleft license, but that effort appears to have died in the late noughts, sadly.

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@Shamar @dgold @tindall @dankwraith @jalcine @garbados (sorry to appear wildly on the thread, I never know if it's bad fediquette)

Why does the hacking license talk about universe-wide rights but then restricts them to humans? It sounds specist now and not future proof :P


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Do you mean interacting with interesting strangers over the (that posted themselves in a public international network open to feedbacks by design) can be considered bad ?

To me, you are welcome. 😉


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