ISIS vs white supremacist internet

<< I spent a good part of 2 years reporting on ISIS internet and how the group uses social media — in 2019 it's mind-boggling to me how well the coordinated cross-platform effort to remove them from the internet worked and how there hasn't been a similar one for white supremacists.>>

ISIS vs white supremacist internet 

<< From a 2016 @gwupoe report on Twitter extremism: "The white nationalist datasets examined outperformed ISIS in most current metrics and many historical metrics. White nationalists and Nazis had substantially higher follower counts than ISIS supporters, and tweeted more often.">>


re: ISIS vs white supremacist internet 

@natecull I think it's to do with the 'rulers' of those platforms being white cishet males. It explains so much, and I hate it!

re: ISIS vs white supremacist internet 

@squeakycheetah @natecull

Non sequitur.

There's no relation between skin color, sex, gender... and dumbness, shortsightedness and malevolence.

The explanation of the difference in effort at fighting these form of extremisms is easy to understand if you consider who control the global narration and infrastructure of the .

is literally a state at with .
It's closed to their cultural and .


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