@amz3@framapiaf.org @Shamar IPFS has some different implementations. The reference one is done in Go but they are doing another one in JS and some more.
(Just to add my five cents to the convo)

@ekaitz_zarraga @amz3 @Shamar Don't take this the wrong way, but shamar asked for gnunet. if there's something for ipfs, the question would have been more about "some dht, maybe gnunet or others".

@ng0 @amz3@framapiaf.org @Shamar I agree with what you say but. Why do you care? You are not mentioned in the conversation.
This is not stack overflow...

@ekaitz_zarraga @amz3 @Shamar the whole conversation did not federate to your server. prior to this it was shamar and myself.

@ng0 @amz3@framapiaf.org @Shamar Anyways my message wasn't mentioning you, did you get a notif for it?

@ekaitz_zarraga @amz3 @Shamar yes. but in any case it's okay. it just felt weird. like this whole conversation being about one thing for 20 messages or so and then someone comes along "btw here's this".
It's okay, just felt off you know.

@ng0 is a GNUnet developer.

@ekaitz_zarraga is a friend that is always welcome to challenge my opinions.
He knows I prefer C and, as a good hacker he proposed something I can't really like... :-)

It was not to challenge GNUnet, but to challenge me (that can cause VERY weird conseguences, and he knows it :-D)


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