@Shamar @strypey

just impossible

Both from UX (users do not understand what it is) and you are way too late (as you notice, nowadays many websites do not work without JS).

It's too late. We cannot change it anymore.

@rugk @strypey @alcinnz

And guess what?

Even knows this.
You can use without .
And in settings you can disable JS by default and then enable it site by site.
Yes, you read it right: Chrome supports opt-in (but not by default)

And even works fine!

And a lot of websites stop asking annoying razors ("your data or the contents!")

It's coming.

But some people prefer to hide the head under the sands.

@Shamar @strypey @alcinnz I don't think this is a new trend. It is good web design for years and good websites do it properly.

Wht is that #Memex thing? Likely not a website, because then you obviously need #WASM again, if you say it is built in rust.

@rugk @Shamar @strypey I'm implementing a new browser engine, reusing parts of Servo, in order to play with adding new declarative extensions to the web.

@fabricedesre @rugk @Shamar @strypey Nothing yet. I should've reused their CSS parser, maybe I'll look at their HTML parser.

But most importantly I'll soon be reusing WebRender.

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