@switchingsocial does Google still reads your email if you pay them tho?

@switchingsocial I suspect they might have to respect that because some very big organizations pay them for email hosting and if they snoop on that they would be in such a violation there'd be heck to pay.

Snooping on companies VS snooping on people is a whole different ballgame :thonking:

@switchingsocial now I'm kind of hoping it'll turn out they do it, if only to see them next in line for legal hot water after Facebook :blobcat:

@polychrome Payed G Suite accounts don't have ads and have a different terms & conditions.
There is an 3rd party audit (by different company) every year and the audit results are mostly public.
Google doesn't read your mail any more than any other mail provider offering anti-spam features.
3rd party applications are able to read your mail if you as a user or your company administrator allowed them to.

You can dislike Google even without spreading misinformation and FUD, @switchingsocial

@switchingsocial Google not respecting privacy is a vague statement I'm not interested in disputing right now.
"Gmail reads your mail and lets third parties read it too." was the part I was mostly referring to. There's still a lot to criticise without having to resort to this kind of nonsense.


@switchingsocial @polychrome See, this is a valid argument about values, responsibility etc. and I'm always interested to hear those and mostly agree.

But users not reading / understanding what they are agreeing to is very different from "Gmail ... lets third parties read [your mail]..." and stretching the truth that far doesn't help anyone.

@switchingsocial Have you seen the dialog in question to allow the 3rd party access? It's really simple. Why on earth would be Google motivated to mislead people to make them give access to their data to 3rd party. Sorry, but this is getting to insane conspiracy theory level.


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