@strypey Be careful what you ask for: that would kill the peer web before it started. JavaScript on the client isn’t the enemy. Business logic on the server is the enemy.


JavaScript isn't a black box, though. You can inspect all the code that's running in your browser.

Some JS is obfuscated, but it can be easily de-obfuscated. All browser-side JavaScript is effectively open source, even if it's not licensed as such.

If your concern is about privacy, it's not the JS running in your browser that should concern you. It's the data sent from the JavaScript to the server.

It would be reasonably simple to disable AJAX, thus preventing data to be sent to/received from the server, but allow all other JavaScript, allowing interactivity to still work.


@strypey @danjones @alcinnz Maybe the FSF should worry more about its logo appearing next to Google’s as they sponsor the same events than some ridiculous and ill-informed stance against a programming language that spreads FUD about potential alternatives. Remember that an AGPLv3 licensed app specifically built for drones to send hellfire missiles to little children would get the FSF seal of approval. Free Software is just a component of ethical tech but doesn’t care about ethics of use cases.

@strypey @danjones @alcinnz Right and what happens exactly when you have automatic updates on and a native app gets updated? Now what happens when you’ve allowed say Apple to use bitcode? Instead of vilifying JS when some of us are trying to build systems using it, let’s understand that the real issue is business logic on the server, proprietary/closed source code, and lack of reproducible builds. Spreading FUD about in-browser JS could jeopardise what I’m working on with ar.al/2019/02/13/on-the-genera

@strypey You bet I’m emotionally invested in it – I’m not sitting in an ivory tower perpetuating some bs notion of neutrality in the matter while enjoying my tenure. I’m building what I’m building because I care about the issues not the other way around :) (And I’d further argue that objectivity is impossible for any being with self interests – even base ones like a need for food or shelter. The best we can be is transparent about our biases and subjectivity.)

@aral @strypey

> objectivity is impossible

True but only because we are limited by our physical nature.

> for any being with self interests

Yet some people act independently of their self-interests.

I'm one, so I know they exist.

I'm not particularly good or wise, I'm just curious.

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