"Home Taping Is Killing Music": When the Music Industry Waged War on the Cassette Tape in the 1980s, and Punk Bands Fought Back


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Sadly the 90s revolution did not actualized except for FaceBook, Google, etc
- we built the information society and provided code and collaboration
- , they knifed us, but maybe we did it to ourselves by not understanding the anti-nature of synthesis,
-but nobody wants to hear this because it conflicts with feel-good memes
- so it goes on

@Shamar @devnull @rafu
>> anti-nature of synthesis
>What do you mean?
Celebration of disease (you asked)

@Shamar @devnull @rafu
sorry but you won't get it not because you don't want to, but because you cannot - if we go any farther then certain things will come out, and I will be viewed badly


I'm pretty open minded.
Even if I strongly disagree with you, even if your opinion are disgusting to me, I go berserk only if I see you are not intellectually honest.

That is you assume I might be right and try to understand if I am, as much as I do the same.

As for looking badly I don’t care much, so keep the conversation public if you want to explain what you mean.

I CAN understand.
Are you sure you know your stuff enough to explain it?

@devnull @rafu

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