is proposing allowing unlimited fee increases for .org domain names, which currently are allowed to increase a maximum of 10% annually at

Until April 29 you can send a comment to express your disagreement.

If you wonder why this is relevant, consider that many non-profit organizations around the world might be forced to change their domain by simply raising the price enough.

Don't forget that in some places people strive to gain 10$ in a month.

Currently inflation rates are so low that even 10% is a big incresase.

@Shamar Their claimed reaaoning is to standardise .ORG so it's more familiar to the ggTLDs, but I think they're missing the point here; .ORG has always seen favourable conditions because it's the de facto tld for non-for-profits and charities. It _should_ have special considerations, to protect these groups.

@jy @Shamar

I agree to this. Protect the rates for the registered nonprofits.


I think the biggest hiccup here is that .org domains were intended for nonprofit organizations, but in practice it is not exclusive to them.

I had a personal .org domain for many years. I'm not an organization. It was a blog, so it was not revenue generating, but it also didn't meet the legal standard of nonprofit.

#ICANN exposed themselves back when they allowed the likes of #Amazon and #Google to grab lucrative TLDs just because of their deep pockets.

Things like .book and .app should not be owned by a corporation.

"Protections for existing registrants will remain in place", but for new registrations the problem still persists. #icann

If I end up having to pay too much for the .org domain I've had since they were still free, I may give it up in favor of abandoning DNS and all dependent services altogether. Move my web sites to IPFS, Dat, and/or .onion. No permanent email address at all. Chat via Tox or something Tor-based. I guess I'd need to abandon Fedi for SSB or something.

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