@freedombone what if I don't have access to the router in a network that support dhcp?

How can I get the current IP on a node I have physical access to?

@Shamar @freedombone If you don't have access to the router then the only option remaining is to use the onion version
@Shamar @freedombone If you don't have access to the router then you won't be able to assign the external IP to a system within your LAN
@Shamar @freedombone It typically is available on avahi as freedombone.local or just freedombone
@Shamar @freedombone Also there are no default credentials and no ssh by default. The first time you access it via a browser you will get a randomly generated password. This prevents unconfigured systems becoming a botnet.
@Shamar @freedombone There's another possible problem: if you scan the LAN with something like nmap the system will assume it's under attack and block you. So unless mdns is active and you can see avahi addresses it might not be possible to know the local IP without router access.
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