Tomorrow I'm going to try @freedombone on my brand new Pioneer FreedomBox by @olimex.

A note from the test of tonight (on Freedombox, not FreedomBone): some configurations seems a bit... too wide.

For example apache's is configured to serve /plinth to all virtual hosts and I have found no interface to define new virtual hosts.


@Shamar @olimex @freedombone Things like storage per app might be a good feature for things like nextcloud
@Shamar @olimex @freedombone I think that would make things far too complex. For a mass market type of system the addition of members should be as straightforward and commonsense as possible.
@Shamar @freedombone @olimex Too much management complexity. A lot of the process of designing the UI was figuring out how to remove sysadmin complexity.
@Shamar @olimex @freedombone Another factor is that the admin interface will only be used by one user.
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