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A good improvement could be a checkbox to provide a virtual host for a user so that given the root domain assigned to the machine each user might have their own domain (say name.freedombox.local) and maybe this might be customised too through the user creation ui.

Then (Web) Apps might be enabled by virtual host through a set of checkboxes.

What's your take on this @bob?

Also where I can find freedombone's localization files? I might help to translate in Italian.

@Shamar @olimex @freedombone Things like storage per app might be a good feature for things like nextcloud
@Shamar @olimex @freedombone I think that would make things far too complex. For a mass market type of system the addition of members should be as straightforward and commonsense as possible.
@Shamar @freedombone @olimex Too much management complexity. A lot of the process of designing the UI was figuring out how to remove sysadmin complexity.
@Shamar @olimex @freedombone Another factor is that the admin interface will only be used by one user.
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