@Shamar @kaniini @starbreaker @rysiek I'm skeptical of and concerned about commercial exploitation too. Problem is, "noncommercial" doesn't fix the things you'll expect it to, and will prevent things you want.

Here's a question: if Linux were noncommercial, should a community run nonprofit be legally allowed to run it in a commercially run hosting service / datacenter? Even if the hosting service profits from it? Can the cooperative collect dues?

@cwebber @Shamar @kaniini @starbreaker @rysiek

Relevant distinction: commercial and capitalist are different things. Cooperatives are the perfect example.

@elplatt @rysiek @starbreaker @kaniini @cwebber

In theory they are.

Sadly, sometimes in Italy, they are used to private workers from their rights.

However, my long term dream is to create an hacker cooperative where each developer has the same hour wage which is a fraction of the total income.

This way people would have no reason to compete inside the organization and all to gain from improving the productivity.

The issues are: how to decide rapidly and how to keep all serious at work...

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