My mom cooked this for me and my family!
This goes beyond the cake in itself (which is very good, btw 😋): my mom cooking again means she feels good!

Cooking has always been her favourite way to express love: the G and the S at the center of the heart are the initials of my name and my wife's name. And she also cooked 3 smaller hearts, one for each of my daughters.

It's like if she went back in time and was 10 years younger!


This is the only type of jokes that I appreciate... if you are my daughter.

What if you stares at 's for more than a minute and all you can read is "DevilTools"?

I'm sick.
But is it really flu?

How secure is ?
How much it protects the normal user?

Looks at these screenshots, read the contents and tell me again that we should educate users to HTTPS.

And that everywhere is not ridiculous.

(I landed there after a typo in the address bar).

More fog between the hills in a cloudy day in .

Fun fact: there is plenty of these views here in , but we are not much known in Italy for our poetry or art, just as boring hard workers...

Probably it's due to the shape of the territory that till very recently was pretty hard to live in and rather poor, so we have been selected for survival rather than for ...

I don't really know... but still... it's amazing!

If only we were able to protect such !

: "Do hackers have your personal information? Use to discover..."

Me: Wait! Wait! Calm down... Everything's fine... I'm that ! 😉

Firefox: 😱

Me: don't worry! Don't worry... I know what hacker means! 😇

Firefox: 😢

Me: oh... don't cry... trust mercy... just repent! And fix the you broke:

: 🤬

Me: and maybe... stop handing our data to ... and to ...

Firef.. 👊
Me: ouch! did I viol 👊 r 👊 ?

Ok ...
I share your concerns but...

Do we really need ?

And what if a bad law would drammatically reduce the based services used by ?

Are we sure it would be a disadvantage?

OTOH you have a flow direction with this text images as indicated by the scrolls.

But is it really the text+image that have a flow direction, or we have a sequence of rectangules that have a flow direction
More likely the second...

Indeed, on paper magazines (and on Latex) images do not flow, they float whereever somebody want.

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