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@popey see, the problem here is that none of the open sourcing that #Microsoft does actually matters to end users, they just want to win back developers so that more people will buy their proprietary crap

so I really don't think they deserve the praise, no matter how much their marketing team worked on their videos

@Shamar Turning off the telemetry in Firefox is a cat and mouse game of finding out which about:config entries are relevant and keeping on top of their constantly evolving names.


si, anche accoglienza, concordo. etichettare le persone e fingere che non possano cambiare non è una pratica antiautoritaria.

@Ca_Gi @aaronwinstonsmith @dom

BSD vs GPL (& Linux) 

@jacek yeah it's ridiculous.

But it's a symptom of a bigger problem:

On one hand, people make excessively complex software, which requires a complex installation procedure.

On the other hand, those who want to install that software became impatient and don't really try to understand what's going on on their machine.

IMO this is sad.

bad take 

"[...] enables Mozilla to remote control Firefox clients in the wild based on precise criteria"

use firefox, they said
chrome is the botnet browser, they said

Avevo quasi perso la speranza, quando, a sorpresa, eccolo: @dataKnightmare nightmare: L'algoritmico è politico: DK 3x29 - Morire di software

@cwebber I don't know how familiar you are with all this, but basically,
• Plan 9 is an OS, the next project of the Unix team at Bell Labs after Unix; like Unix but better, simpler and with native network transparency
• plan9port aka Plan 9 from User Space is a port of Plan 9 userspace programs/utilities to run under Unix
• GNU Hurd is a Unix kernel based on microkernel architecture that can be used instead of Linux
• now it is possible to run plan9port on top of GNU/Hurd Unix systems too

@freedombone @olimex @bob

And yes Bob, I'll give a look at the code to see if I can find the time to do this myself. 😉

@freedombone @olimex @bob

Another things I'd like to be able to do through the UI is to decide the storage of each App (eg if I install a torrent client and I want files in the attached usb hd).

@freedombone @olimex

A good improvement could be a checkbox to provide a virtual host for a user so that given the root domain assigned to the machine each user might have their own domain (say name.freedombox.local) and maybe this might be customised too through the user creation ui.

Then (Web) Apps might be enabled by virtual host through a set of checkboxes.

What's your take on this @bob?

Also where I can find freedombone's localization files? I might help to translate in Italian.

Tomorrow I'm going to try @freedombone on my brand new Pioneer FreedomBox by @olimex.

A note from the test of tonight (on Freedombox, not FreedomBone): some configurations seems a bit... too wide.

For example apache's is configured to serve /plinth to all virtual hosts and I have found no interface to define new virtual hosts.


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