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Shane 🐘 @Shane

#Amaroq for Mastodon v1.0.2 update: iOS9 support is now live for anyone who is unable to update to iOS10. :3 There are no plans to support iOS8 still. Direct message support is here as well, among many other tweaks and adjustments!

The next major item on my todo list is to cleanup the navigation throughout the app to make everything easier to swipe around. Thanks for all the continued feedback πŸ’•πŸΊ

@eurasierboy test public reply to direct.

Funny - sometimes i read something about gnusocial in my timeline and be remembered that it's still a thing....

seed phrase: Prairie Dog Hare Skunk Wolf Llama (HQ: )

Going through my Facebook for Mastodon friendly pictures and I think this is as close as we're gonna get

Oh it was just my browsers cache - the mastodon emoji was fixed by switching back to my fork :stuck_out_tongue:

Juggernaut arcana giveaway!

You need to have an account on any Mastodon instance, be following at least 10 other people, and toot @ me with the hashtag #giffarcana

For a 2nd raffle ticket (higher chance to win) you must also post a link to your Mastodon profile on Twitter (link me the tweet so I can verify)

If you wanna get your friends to sign up and follow each other, that's fine - it's about you trying out the platform :)

@Gargron looks good! Did you see, IG just implements NSFW hidden images. Late to the game and copying you.

I look at the new profile URLs and i'm like "this looks cool as heck"

Twitter Devs: shadowbanning trans people
Mastodon Dev: Posts about eating a raw tomato like an apple

More info: you don't have to sign up to specifically, it can be,, or you can run your own! It doesn't matter where your account is, you can follow & interact with anyone.

To learn more about what sets Mastodon apart from Twitter &co: 5 reasons to pick Mastodon

Technical info on GitHub:

#Amaroq v1.0.1 update: #Amarok for Mastodon is now Amaroq, due to the naming conflict with the KDE music manager. I'm sorry if this causes any further confusion, I'll try to keep name changes to a minimum. :P Anyway, alternative spelling, same great wolf. Squeezed some updates from early feedback as well. Check it out!

@milan definitely. awesome implementation @Gargron

Kicked some bedtime πŸ‘in 7 movesβ€”I like skilled β™›s & I cannot lie. #chess

1. b3 Na6 2. f4 d5 3. g4 Bxg4 4. c3 f5 5. h3 Bh5 6. Bb2 e6 7. Ba3 Qh4

@eurasierboy wants y'all to keep the BoTW spoilers to a minimum @sophia & @slimekat!

Me looking for Switch restock news

#Mastodon update: under settings there is now a "data export" page. For now you can only export a list of who you're following and who you're blocking, but the page also shows how much media storage you're consuming

OH!, New #welcome tip I thought of: we have two very good apps now available outside of beta: Tusky for Android and Amarok for iOS. Both support​ logging in from any instance. Both are free and ad-free and maintained by volunteers.