I can’t stop shitposting on twitter and then shame deleting them

I’m scripting a comic abt growing up with hearing loss and how it gave me social anxiety and it’s just giving me complicated feelings!!!

ok I’m just gonna try and make mundane posts here so I don’t crap up twitter!!!! hi

drawing furries and generally not caring anymore EVER!!!!!

reading this alternative twitter timeline with my friends on it is very strange but comforting as we all stumble around Not Twitter

my art style is finally shifting a bit and I'm so excited to play with it for awhile

if you followed me over here from twitter, welcome to 2013-2015 twitter shan, when i had like 100 followers

might as well shitpost while i have like no followers

i'm going to watch other people play cuphead because I really don't know if I can really get far in it hahaha

I have to somehow get comfy posting art here, I feel like a weirdo posting the same thing to like 5 different platforms

catching up on ok ko! it's nice i can make casual tweets again and not feel like i'm shitting up my feed

Hiya! I'm Alex, a cartoonist and illustrator with a love of comics about anxiety and friendship. ❤️

alexgraudins.tictail.com mastodon.social/media/4sImuqiw

this is twitter, except it's always in night mode and there's no nazis, which means it's perfect

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