if you care about your WhatsApp chats, don't back them up on the cloud

Can't miss the irony that the US is taking off TikTok from app stores because the Chinese may get access to US citizen data. I mean, isn't that the MO of the US Govt anyway?

Big thanks to @JhalakKakkar@twitter.com and @smithakprasad@twitter.com for helping with the logic of this piece. And of course @Aarathii1@twitter.com for her unmatched editing skills :)

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Lastly, even after more than 3 yrs of the Supreme Court reaffirming privacy as a fundamental right, govt policy continues to focus on the mining of data rather than its protection. Exploitation is already the norm, law and policy should develop to protect it now.

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Similarly, data trusts are an exciting model for consideration. Not the one's suggested by the NPD report but like the one's suggested by @ODIHQ@twitter.com or @AnoukRuhaak@twitter.com. But India needs to be careful before adoption. Adoption without enough testing might lead to more harm than good.

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Collective privacy is something India needs to be mindful of while developing it's data governance framework. Big data makes the focus on individual privacy redundant.The NPD report takes account of this risk but focusses too much on exploiting data rather than protecting it.

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I write for the @_thebastion_@twitter.com on some key subjects India's data governance framework needs to be mindful of. Particularly, collective privacy and data trusts in context of the non-personal data governance framework.


I don't want to read the words 'unlock' and 'potential' anymore in Indian Govt's data policies. Be more creative than consultant lingo yaa!

Seems like Govt welfare services in India are only for those people who can afford a high-end smartphone with a stable Internet connection. They're fluent in English and have unlimited access to constant electricity. How many people does that actually serve?

A family member wanted to access an @HDFC_Bank@twitter.com branch in Delhi for some urgent work. They were not allowed to enter the branch unless a risk rating was shown on the @SetuAarogya@twitter.com. So they installed the app on the spot and were permitted to enter. How does this make any sense?

Revolutions take place when you let people educate, organize, and agitate! My fear is such stories will only embolden dictatorships to utilise internet shutdowns as tools to quell dissent.


Jaan bachaein ya Swatantrata?
जान बचाएं या स्वतंत्रता?

Art. 15 - The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them.

Dark day for India's democracy. These clouds will never disperse. Ever.

Why shall we as citizens keep asking the Govt for proof of concept in policy making? It's a democracy, you tell me how your plans will lead to more innovation/ growth/ national security. You tell me how your policies aren't designed to help biz but protect citizens. You tell me!

If, in certain situations, the Govt is the data trustee, data custodian, and the regulator (NDPA) - then what is the need for a 'framework'? The joke's on you NPD report.

I have a joke on free speech in India. But wait ... Oh 😶

I have a joke on upper caste Hindus, but caste is not a problem in India.

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