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Tonight, from Shaheen Bagh.

Arrey hum kya chahate, Azaadi!

Ey zameen mujhe ghutne ragadne de. Ey zameen mujhe ghutne ragadne de. Mujhe yakeen hai ki chashma yahi se nikalega.

at 2.30 am.

Clinging on to Indian democracy.


Let me just put it out there.
"Free Kashmir"

Karlo jo karna hai!

Funniest thing I heard today - Arrey takle teri tanashahi 🤣

They are attacking the concept of India. It is breaking under the feet of two goons from Gujarat.

India is under siege. Students are being hurt and killed. Not an iota of civil liberties left for citizens.

This is the new normal. Foreign media, are you watching?

This just made me cry. Brilliant video by @voxdotcom@twitter.com on the world we live in.


Horrifying news keeps coming in from Western UP. Police ransacking Muslim homes and businesses, peaceful protests being attacked after urging by BJP politicians. And now orders for attachment of property of Muslims by the govt.

We're on the brink, people.


Did the PM deliberately ignore the multiple assertions of his Home Minister on nationwide NRC?

Or did the PM publicly admonish his HM for making those repeated assertions on nationwide NRC?

Or has the PM forgotten the President's address to Parliament promising NRC?

Or did the PM forget his interview to Times Now about nationwide NRC?


.@naukarshah@twitter.com - this govt is dumb, calling them evil would be giving them credit. We're not fighting for today, we're fighting for tomorrow.

Touche! 👏🏾


In a federal structure, policing is one of the most important powers state governments have in India. Sadly, Delhi doesn't enjoy this immunity from the Central Government. Makes all governments in Delhi severely toothless.

Don't know what magic Kanhaiya weaves, but he always gets me teared up. Listen to him talking about CAA-NRC with @Nidhi@twitter.com.



Laathi uthane se humari awaaz aur bulland hogi, neechi nahi!

लाठी उठाने से हमारी आवाज़ और बुलंद होगी, नीची नहीं!

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