The sad part: the author is too young to have seen the original show except as some retro throwback thing. *mourns*

TFW the UF project you're working on has secret supernatural government soldiers being disavowed and forming a rogue team, and you're DEMANDING that the author make many A-Team references.

First laundry day of the year. Yes, I know, but I CAN handle the excitement.

Sometimes, everything's so infuriatingly shitty that I genuinely wonder if it's even fucking worth it. Then I get a purr from a cat.


(There are, of course, far too many days where this treatment has to be done multiple times just to survive, but still, it's there.)

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Someone on Twitter put it pretty neatly

News and politics in 2017 feels like that BSG episode where the Cylons attack every 33 minutes

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I wrote a piece about gatekeeping in Star Trek fandom that was really difficult to write, but I'm proud of how it turned out:

Wow, people did a real mitzvah (on the auction of my services for Worldbuilders, the winning bid was $960, AND I think it was the highest of the service auctions)! Woohoo!

I was sad to learn that the Prongles Affair was manufactured by Cards Against Humanity. My sadness continues to flow unabated.

...until seeing this. My hat's off for the fantastic joke, CAH.

Above $200 now; that's a good START... *stares meaningfully*

Only 2.5 days left, so please boost it as soon as you can!

Hey, if you know anyone who 1) needs a copyedit and 2) likes to do some good in the world, I have a copyedit being auctioned off with Worldbuilders! Spread the word!

From CiP:

"Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space."

OW. Sue was drying her hair, and the kittens, never having heard the hairdryer before, were sitting there and watching raptly. They LOOKED calm. LOOKED. I went to pick Cookies up, and she _exploded_. I have four no-this-is-not-an-exaggeration GASHES on my right hand and arm. We finally had to pull out the just-in-case enormous Band-Aids for the one on the ball of my hand so I'd be able to work without bleeding all over my mouse or wrist rest.


Salt and Potato!

"Once You Pop...THAT'S GREAT!" doesn't sound like bargain-basement sexual innuendo, either.

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Yassss! Check out Badali Jewelry's new line! NECROTECH JEWELRY.

Get on the saint train, CHOOO CHOOOO booooom motherfucker...

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