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NSFW, masturbation reference 

Man, I'd move to humblr if the local timeline wasn't just spam of IRL porn constantly. I just want a chill 18+ social atmosphere, my guy.

Elf (and small friend) from Dragon's Crown 🧝 🐿️
#inktober #DragonsCrown

Just had someone complain about me posting a NSFW post and hiding the image in it but not the text on a NSFW instance because they saw it and they weren't in a NSFW instance. It's like, that's federated timelines pal, I don't know what to tell you.

If I find a better instance for NSFW social nonsense I'll probably move my account over to it, since I know account moving is quite easy to do on mastodon.

If anyone knows of one lemme know because I don't wanna have to tag everything NSFW, that's a drag.


One very large #vampire trying to squeeze her way between two buildings and clearly being too large to fit. That'll hurt property values.

#mastoart #mastoartist #art #giantess #micromacro #breasts #thighs

Anyway hi, I draw porn and I like video games as well as trashy urban fantasy romance novels. Also monster men/girls.

Tbh this instance can feel a little chaotic. Sort of like screaming into a void where you will be largely ignored. It's a little lonely.

I spend so much time working in art that I don't have any idea what to talk about that isn't super related to it. Like, on tumblr all I did was reblog food and cute things and other artists. But I haven't followed many people on social so it's hard to find things to retoot. I guess I'm still getting used to it. Definitely see myself being more active on my art only account.

I stayed up almost three hours later than I usually so and I feel like I have ascended to a new plane of consciousness. It's called death.

I drew a clown for the first time tonight and I don't know how to feel about this sudden urge to make a carnival comic.

Hey everyone! Figured it was time I properly introduced myself. I'm Sheela, and I'm one half of a two person collab group called MONSTER GANG in which I draw lots of lewd things. Vampires and succubi and kitsune and so on. We focus on comics primarily. Comics about hot monster size differences. πŸ’‹ πŸ’• #introductions #mastoart

Here's my personal site:


Our store:

And our Patreon:

So is there like tweetdeck but for mastodon so I can just keep both of my accounts in one location orrrrrrrrrr

I draw smut and have a general appreciation for smut. This will be my repository for random babbling and the like to keep my art-only account relatively clean. You can find that over at if you're so inclined.


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