Any twitch streamers on here? Toot me your channel and let's link ๐Ÿค” (maybe).

Can't get yelled at for tweeting after "falling asleep" if I'm on Mastodon

Playing some 3v3 on Overwatch, putting trolling over winning >>>>>

When you feel like you could come back, but your tank switches to Hanzo

When the Lucio gets you but the Mercy res never brings you back

When you see Lucio and you have no way to dodge the incoming boop.

I would like to be known as the guy who has the worst toots ever but you all love me.

Also decided that the green emoji check mark voids you from a follow

Making an organizational decision to follow people who toot about overwatch and basketball. We'll see where it goes.

When you enjoy Twitter but are willing to take a risk on Mastodon.

So are their instances that are generally about video games, sports.. etc right now?

I think Mastodon could be a winner if they convince Dril to make the switch

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