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For the LAST TIME you can’t kin rabies if you haven’t been bitten by a rabid animal! Go out there and harass a raccoon you cowards

me watching the 200mph local timeline for new people to follow

Ok i actually need help, Dota won't stop crashing. I've updated my graphics drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled Dota, verified game cache, restarted PC, and it still crashes. It now just crashes within like 3 minutes of having it open. I literally can't play the game idk what do

my dota is stuttery, laggy and crashes more since the update yesterday

anyone else?

we lost to a huskar strat in ro32 feels fucking awful man, and right after beating funkefal's team

man this feels so shitfgihugfhj

meepo has been first phase banned in all our games so far 😡

need an offlaner for open quals in an hour preferably immortal rank yeet

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