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Just ended up on some ESL tour by accident. Stood on the stage next to Pain veRy cool 😏

Arrived in birmingham and there's gays everywhere what a good time

On a crazy unrelated note I'm completely exhausted so gl me going to birmingham now joins as two people who have kept me up for an entire night with their unrepentant pig snoring

I've been at con for less than ten minutes and I'm already down 80 quid gEEEEGEEEEEE

alrighty, today I head off to and then Birmingham on Saturday for :D see ya'll <3

do i wear my meepo onesie at birmingham yay nay

will teams that go out in this stage of the tournament still be at birmingham at the weekend? ?_?

any mutuals goin to birmingham this weekend ;)) )


you like to spam people's twitter feeds

waiting for my friends to be online to play stardew valley multiplayer 😭

Woke up just in time for da wedding hell yea

when i was growing up i always wanted to move to america; growing up it's the last place i ever want to be. such an awful country in nearly every way.