pour one out for the brutalisation of newbee that's about to happen

Getting lots of red shitty dots on my left monitor dunno what the problem is but it's griefing af

i'm gonna play dotes, not watching TI, i love and appreciate all 20 of you who also dont want to watch TI right now twitch.tv/sheepsticked

i didnt put any predictions in my compendium for teams/players/tournament except i apparently at some point just slapped newbee down as the winner gl boys

if you help or take part in content that promotes and helps thorin
in u

:D get that cunt out of esports :D

LMAO how did void beat invoked

This is the remodel vote all over again

man i cant wait to play pokemon trainer again in ultimate, and he looks so much better now maybe i can main him 😭

give me november (artifact) and december already jhsdfhugsd

:^)^)^)^) that new house internet feel

fuckin kappa

I just ran for a train so I'm fucking tired and sweaty and I'm gonna take ten showers and sleep for 24 hours and get back to streaming WAHOO

Back home from EVO, had such a good time I can never say enough how much I love @beastcoastgg@twitter.com

I LOVE U @beastcoastgg@twitter.com !!!

Now two weeks till TI 😵

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