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@thankyouforthehorse I'm trying to post a new topic, but no matter what I do it just isn't showing up. I think it has something to do with Japanese characters in it (which in the case of this one I can't just romanize.) Any ideas? Did anything show up on your end?

@thankyouforthehorse もっとNRGに再生をほしいます!
(Is...this correct at all? I'm trying, haha...)

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Lately Ive had several recruiters/potential employers ask me If I have a linkedin. Something about that platform unnerves me.

A place where you're intended to mask all parts of yourself that make you less palatable to companies.

Its not like we don't already present different versions of ourselves to differing social groups, on and offline, already.

Maybe the only difference is that elsewhere I'm creating a version of myself I like more, whereas there i'm creating a version i like less


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