@thankyouforthehorse I thought you knew about that from the Atmoteka set! I should've told you when it released!

@thankyouforthehorse But I thought we were going streaming this month? I hope the music stuff doesn't stay behind the scenes for long!

@thankyouforthehorse All of Mellow Sonic's freeform is perfect! I just hope it doesn't become a case like Hase where there are only a few in that style to use over and over.

@thankyouforthehorse Whoa, I really really like Sith. Thanks for showing me. Might be about time to rotate out some of the modern DnB I've had playing lately...

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@thankyouforthehorse Might break Logical Progression out later tonight, hearing the start of this...MCing unfortunately ruins it for me, but I'll keep giving this one a chance.

@thankyouforthehorse Excited to see the tracklist, definitely...two Mays ago I was afraid you were dead!

@thankyouforthehorse Did you catch this, by the way? youtu.be/ie3fdTCPUg0
(Title's from Arthur C. Clarke, but it started with this Mastodon post!)

@thankyouforthehorse "Mother", or in other words, "kreatrix"...clever!

Scrolling through that channel I found another I hadn't heard before, Martyrdom:

Damn, that is an intense ride, and an instant favorite. That rougher percussion and bass bring out the emotion in his style perfectly. Mixdown is weird in places, but done right I know it could get a crowd bleeding from their necks!

@thankyouforthehorse I recommend Endless by Nastika if you haven't yet. For the longest time I was convinced ambient could never sound "dark", but this one is proof otherwise!

@thankyouforthehorse Now I really see why you named the compilation after In'ei Raisan.

@thankyouforthehorse Still any plans for those notes on your production process? (hopefully ostinatos by now!)

@thankyouforthehorse Cool idea! Personally I find that "melodic" freeform generally tosses aside what makes the genre special, but there is the sweet spot here and there. Curious what you'll end up picking.

Still trying to figure out what I meant with my last comment, but think you'll be up for corresponding again sometime soon?

@thankyouforthehorse Sounds like you had a good REASON to take a break from it!

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