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I am Emma, 39, she/her, one small child who is usually excellent.
Disillusioned teacher of secondary age kids.
Love: 80s hair metal; 90s indie music; anything with key changes; women supporting women; fantasy novels; my husband, child and cat.

More dislikes: Dogs that wake me up barking; arrogant, ignorant males; fascists; people that make me feel bad about myself; lateness and my overwhelming sense of inadequacy in most situations.

The bloody bastard rabbit has dug several bloody holes in my bloody lawn.

Ablist language and alternatives 

@hexheck Posted this the other day x

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Bras and sizing PSA 

If you are someone who wears a bra, and you had it fitted on the high street, there's a good chance you are wearing the wrong size! They use an outdated measuring system (Bravissimo are usually OK as they fit by sight, M+S, not so much).
Use this:

You might be v surprised; a smaller back size and bigger cup will be so much more comfortable!

My Sideswipe and my brother's Hotrod transformers have lasted around 30 years with just one tyre loss. However, the new posable Jazz that we bought for my son's birthday has already had a wheel snapped off cos he chucked it carelessly. Proper shoddy


I see so many fat babes looking absolutely incredible and I'm like 'yes! You are smashing it!' 😍😍😍but then I look at myself and just can't be positive. Is this what society has done? Convinced me my self worth is based on my appearance? It sucks.

There is a flipping rabbit in my flipping garden and I'm not flipping happy about this.

Gym, exercise 

Sitting here with ice on my calf muscle after it going into spasm as I left the gym, and arranging a deadlift session for Thurs. I don't even know who I am anymore.

Ablist language and alternatives 

Still seeing a lot of ablist language being used on here and it makes me pretty uncomfortable. I'm not perfect but I've really tried to make changes. Here's a pic to help you out if you find it hard to adjust

Low mood 

Having a hard day today. Nothing major, just low and getting majorly irritated by everything. Pls send pics of hot men with facial hair to cheer me up

Screw all the landlords that won't let me have a pet 🖕

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MiL moving down. Been a long process. Husband was given one stipulation: Under NO circumstances are we having the rabbit. (she is downsizing to sheltered accommodation)

I am lying in bed quietly seething about the rabbit that is currently in my back garden...

Watching Captain America: The First Avenger and searching for pics of Chris Evans being hot. Which is not in this film.

One of the bonuses of having a terrible memory for details is that I get to enjoy books over again.
The downside is I have to re-read a fantasy series every time they bring out a sequel because I can't remember what happened in which one!
Timing it for the release is hard!

Tired Selfie 

But... I've got tv to watch and Internet sites to look at and... Stuff 😀

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Heartbreak high: boost for Drazic, fave for Rivers and I'll tell you if you are wrong.

Drazic Rivers

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