I made honey-mustard chicken, and the toddler doesn't want it. Grr!

@Tarale he did a lot of yelling and dropping food. He's been given yoghurt instead as it's obvious he won't eat otherwise.

unsure how to handle it when he refuses to eat. Don't really want to 'reward' him with yoghurt every time.

@Tarale I gave yoghurt and fruit etc alongside other food. He ate what he wanted of each, and was more likely to go back to the other food after. He's 3 now and I still do it like this it reduces the food reward system and helps him make choices

@Tarale He'd still eat crisps and ice lollies for every meal if he was in charge though!

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@Shesawaterfall the 14 month old doesn't know those exist… yet.

He's yelling for his bath now

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